Home grown marinade for fish

You can grow all the flavourings for this delicious fish marinade, even in Melbourne. Marinade fish for an hour or so then wrap fish in banana leaf to cook on BBQ.
Marinade – into coconut milk – 1 chopped Shallot, a spoonful of Chilli (to taste), shredded leaves of Lemon Myrtle and Kaffir Lime and 1 generous teaspoon of my cousin Roger Thompson’s amazing home grown and dried Turneric powder – check out that colour! He garden’s in Sydney, but it is possible to grow Turmeric in Melbourne in the right position. Semi shade is good, although my permaculture friend Kat Lavers parents grew theirs in black plastic pots for warmth. I’m going to try some in pots on my ‘really hot in summer’ garage roof and some in the ground in si shade and see what works the best.