The Age – New Years Gardening Resolutions

FullSizeRenderPlant more comfrey to make homemade fertiliser, plant turmeric in the ground to see if it works better than it did in a pot, introduce more native finger limes, plant more sweets potatoes in foam fruit boxes for the garage roof and more Fragola grapes, which are naturally resistant to fungal diseases, improve my avocado production by planting a ‘Lamb Hass’ avocado close to my existing ‘Bacon’ avocado to improve the fruit set, and remember to give them extra water in summer to help avoid fruit drop. Also to find a place for a self-pollinating kiwiberry ‘Issai’, as my existing Actinidia arguta needs pollen from my kiwi ‘Hayward’ and they don’t flower at the same time. Finally, to speak to more neighbours about nature-strip gardening – try talk them into it.