Winter Garden Stirfry


I added bought fish and ginger to these freshly harvested vegies.
Chop celery and spring onion (I use celery leaves and green bits of Spring onions too – just add a bit later as they don’t fry well) and chop ginger – stirfry in wok with oil briefly before adding fish (white fleshed fish best here – and I cut it into bite sized chunks so it absorbs flavours better and cooks quicker). When all this is lightly brown, put aside in a bowl and add Choko (peeled and thinly sliced) and a small amount of good quality stock (or water) and a couple of chopped garlic cloves. Cover with a lid and cook until still crunchy but flavour absorbed into Choko. Add chopped greens, toss all to mix while cooking, then add fish and ginger as well as any sauces you wany (soy sauce, hoy sin, sweet chilli etc.
Enjoy with rice or noodles. Mmm!