Common Chickweed (Stellaria media

Chickweed grows well in the cooler months in Melbourne and can be foraged as an edible weed. Take care where you forage, maybe not directly beside the path due to council herbicicde spraying and dog pee.

Chickweed is great raw, in salad, sandwiches and pesto.  It can also be cooked similar to spinach in a pie or with eggs.

Chickweed harvested for omelette

Chickweed scrambled egg recipe

Easy Spring Lunch – take 2-3 newly laid eggs, a handful of Chickweed, a couple of young Garlic leaves and a few sprigs of freshly picked Parsley. Roughly cut all green things up with kitchen scissors, and mix into eggs already beaten with a good splodge of milk or soy milk. Pour into a moderately heated fry-pan after sloshing a bit of olive oil into it. Stir as cooking over low heat, till eggs are creamy and green stuff is bright green. Serve with some freshly picked stir fried greens, or toast.

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Chickweed and beeswax balm – I’ve been looking for uses for my beeswax, a bonus from my bees, and finally got around to making this with olive oil I had infused with Chickweed back in Spring.

Chickweed an edible weed
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Closeup showing chickweed seedlings