Those of you who know me and my garden will be well aware of how much I love avocados and it would be easy to think that the first time they planted these that they magically and quickly produced, however this was certainly not the case.  It took many years of trial and error and many years of collecting information from friends and clients about their avocado growing experiences to finally realise that there wasn’t  enough good information around to guide people to successfully growing their r own avocados.  So in 2016 I finally felt I had enough information and wanted to share it so others did not spend 7-10 year before I did before they got their own fruit.  

 Here is a table comparing the properties of different avocado varieties to help guide you to finding a tree suitable for your garden. 

Avocado Varieties For Melbourne Gardens

Avocado varieties to grow in Melbourne, a cool climate area

Growing avocadoes in Melbourne 2016 and 2019 videos