Ingredients and method

  • Coarsely chopped babaco fruit including skin. The babaco should be ripe or just under ripe, but not over ripe,
  • Add to a glass jar, then add
  • Dried or fresh chopped chilli to taste,
  • Optional – you can also add julienne grated carrot if you like.
  • Add a good white vinegar, some sugar and salt.
  • Pop on the lid and give it a shake.
  • Place in refrigerator
  • Shake it up a bit for a few days and store the jar in the fridge.
  • Your babaco pickles will be ready to eat after a few days.
Vegetarian lunch bowl with homemade babaco pickles
  • I add fresh babaco to my jar and keep it going.
Refrigerator babaco pickle recipe

Babaco is also known as Mountain Papaya with botanical name Vasconcellea (Carica) X heilbornii (pentagona)