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Monday 30 Mar 2020


10:45 am - 12:15 pm



Karen Sutherland & Kate Herd ‘Designing the Native Food Garden’

Join Karen Sutherland and Kate Herd for this workshop on designing native food gardens for both production and aesthetics.

This session will cover selection of useful and edible Australian species suitable for temperate regions; their growing tolerances as well as their use and application in the kitchen and beyond. Focus will be on how to combine edible natives in an ornamental way for year-round garden structure and amenity, while also zoning plants according to their water, nutrient and cultivation requirements.

This workshop will also look at how edible gardens can be designed for pre-school, school and community spaces – with the presentation of a number of case studies of bush food trails, integrated plantings and small standalone displays. There will be a hands-on component with many plants for participants to smell, touch and taste.

Karen and Kate are keen to build native food gardens that are as at home in the cities where we increasingly live, as in the bush where these plants originate. In the process of growing edible natives we can develop a deeper awareness of our amazing Australian flora and pay respect to Indigenous knowledge and culture.

“Since it began in 2002 the biennial Australian Landscape Conference has operated at the cutting edge of international landscape and garden design. ……….

To book scroll down to Karen & Kate’s workshop. (un-click the full conference if you only want to attend the workshop) https://www.landscapeconference.com/product/conference-registration-2020/

More information about the workshop here https://www.landscapeconference.com/2020-conference/workshops/kate-herd-karen-sutherland/

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