A selection of our bush food garden signs, getting ready to send to Coledale Public School in NSW. We look forward to seeing our signs help enhance the educational potential of their new bush food garden!
We have 41 different bush food plant identification signs to choose from, and 22 more about to be released, including 12 new community garden signs.
Thanks to our clients like Coledale Public School, we have raised over $500 so far in donations to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, as Edible Eden Design donates to the ILF with each sign sold. We chose to donate to the ILF as we wanted each sign we sell to have the most educational impact. 
Check out the Indigenous Literacy Foundation’s community map, showing who and where the communities are that they partner with and what programs they are participating in.
Plant ID sign QR link Australian finger lime
Contact us to discuss your bush food garden or community garden signage needs.
We are happy to include your QR codes or enable other customisation you may need.
We would love to help you get your garden up and running with our Bush Food Garden Starter Pack
Bush tucker plants old man saltbush and native oregano mint bush