Links and Resources

These are some of the places I visit to make my own and others edible gardens as amazing as possible. I hope they become your favourites too!

Nurseries – where I buy edible plants

Bulleen Art & Garden Centre, Victoria – Not only a source of great plants and sustainable products, but their website has great information

Ceres Permaculture and Bushfoods Nursery, Victoria – a gorgeous nursery set in the amazing Ceres Environmental Park

Daley’s Fruit Tree Nursery, NSW – fantastic quality plants packaged exceptionally well and mailed around Australia – note that this does not come cheaply!

Diggers, Victoria – an amazing range of edible plants can be mail ordered, although as they are quite small I usually grow them in a pot for a year before planting out.

Island Herbs, Tasmania – mail order to eastern states of Australia – fantastic nursery, great range of unusual edibles, herbs, vegie seedlings and perennials. 

Vasilis Garden, Victoria

Heritage Seed Suppliers – my favourites

Cornucopia Seeds

Diggers – a great range of seeds and the online catalogue is a fantastic reference

Eden Seeds – Asian seeds, gardening products, books, etc

Green Harvest – a big range of organic seeds

4Seasons Seeds – has a big range of Asian herbs and vegetables amongst other things

Phoenix Seeds – many unusual edible plants

The Lost Seed – particularly good for colder climate gardens

Supplies – Yellow sticky traps for Citrus Gall Wasp 

Bulleen Art & Garden     Ceres Permaculture and Bushfoods Nursery      Vasilis Garden     Green Harvest

Bee-Keeping, Food Preserving Supplies

Bee Sustainable –  This shop has everything for the home producer! Check out my rooftop bees in their video!

My Favourite Books – some of them anyway!

Asian Herbs and Vegetables – really any book by Penny Woodward

Growing Honest Food – about Tony and Lina Siciliano and their family, growing food on their farm in the suburbs of Melbourne – a must see when they have an open day. Their olive oil is amazing.

Kitchen Gardens of Australia – by Kate Herd – Beautiful and informative book of 18 varied kitchen gardens – my garden is chapter 4.

Outback Cafe – Mark Olive – great book to find out about Australian plants and inventive ways to use them in your kitchen

Seed Savers Handbook – my bedtime reading for a long time – not just about saving seeds but the many ways to use edible plants

Soil Food by Jackie French – or any gardening book by Jackie French. You can read her regularly in Earth Garden magazine too

The Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia – Louis Glowinski – the bible for fruit growing aficionados