Sunday 15 Feb, we hosted a tour of some local nature strips as part of the Sustainable Living Festival, discussing everything from council policies to the type of plants that cope with the harsh exposure (Society Garlic, Artichokes).

Why grow on the nature strip you might ask? Why not? I would counter! To me it’s valuable real estate, a place to grow more sun-loving edibles when my garden is full of shady fruit trees filtering the city air and sheltering birds.

Gardening on my nature strip has also been a really social experience – when you cross that footpath, you are gardening in the public domain, and passers-by who may have given only a smile when you were inside your front garden, will now stop and connect, ask questions and inevitably go home with some Perennial Kale or parsley. When I’m out there watering, it gives neighbours who feel like a chat an excuse to wander up. Suggestions are given on the various uses of edible weeds and plants growing – I’ve learnt much from my neighbours since gardening out here.ttings.