Looking forward to 2022 (who isn’t after 2020 and 2021), we have created an exciting new range of plant identification signs for kitchen gardens.  Also, our existing range of bush food plant ID signs has been expanded with 10 beautiful new designs. Check out our new signs below for your garden project!

Kitchen Garden Edible Plant ID Designs

  1. Feijoa– Feijoa sellowiana
  2. Strawberry Guava– Psidium cattleyanum
  3. Choko – Sechium edule
  4. Lemongrass– Cymbopogon citratus
  5. Turmeric– Curcuma longa
  6. Passionfruit – Passiflora edulis
  7. Galangal – Alpinia galanga
  8. Yellow Cherry Guava– Psidium cattleyanum var. littorale
  9. Sweet Potato– Ipomoea batatus
  10. Banana– Musa species and varieties
  11. Coffee– Coffea arabica
  12. Ginger – Zingiber officinale

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Bush tucker garden plant identification signs, new designs for 2022

New Bushfood Designs

  1. Lillypilly – Syzygium smithii, formerly Acmena smithii (another form of Lillypilly)
  2. Sea Parsley, Sea Celery– Apium prostratum  filiforme  
  3. Running Postman– Kennedia prostrata
  4. Beach Bananas– Disphyma crassiofolium subsp. clavellatum
  5. Purslane– Portulaca oleracea
  6. Nodding Saltbush– Einadia nutans
  7. Prickly Currant Bush– Coprosma quadrifida
  8. Varnish Wattle– Acacia verniciflua
  9. Macadamia– Macadamia species and varieties
  10. Inland Pigface, Karkalla – Carpobrotus modestus 

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Customise your signs!

If you’d like to personalize your signs,  we can help you add your logo. Consider adding your own QR code,  to access more plant information, recipes or your own observations about the plants.

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