Wonderful to see the school community of St. Patrick’s Primary School in Mitchell enjoying their Yarning Circle creation and Peace Garden refresh, connecting with the plants through our signs.
Each sign has meant a donation to @indigenousliteracyfoundation

Bonus Pack of  Signs

The plants in this garden include

  1. Native River Mint – Mentha australis
  2. Native Violet – Viola hederacea
  3. Ripberry – Syzyglum luehmannii
  4. Gumbi Gumbi – Pittosporum angustifolium
  5. Lemon Myrtle – Backhousia citriodora
  6. Old Man Salt Bush – Atriplex nummularia
  7. Midyim Berry – Austromyrtus
  8. Native oregano or thyme – Prostanthera rotundofolia

The sign material chosen was corflute

Project Funding

  • We hope our signs are just the beginning, for more understanding, contact a local elder in your area.
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