Beach bananas plant (Disphyma crassifolium​)

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A really fun and easy bush food plant for any garden or balcony. This is an edible native Australian succulent that can be added to salads for a touch of salty crispness and is becoming popular with chefs. The slender leaves can be picked, rinsed and simply added to your salad or used as a garnish.

This plants is a spreading ground cover with small pink flowers from spring to summer which can be grown in a pot or can look fabulous in a hanging basket. Tolerates full sun or also semi-shade. Easily grown from cuttings. Best grown in succulent mix or a well-drained position in the garden.

The plant is supplied in a black tube pot.

Disphyma crassifolium is also called beach bananas, pigface, karkalla, and rounded noon-flower.

Plant orders are shipped via express post early in the week so the plant arrives in the best possible condition and is not left over the weekend in a transport depot.

Please unpack as soon as possible and water well.

Note: due to quarantine restrictions we are unable to post plants to Tasmania, NT and WA.

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