Bush Food Plant ID Signs - choose from 18 designs

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These informative and educational signs are ideal for bush food gardens. The price is for one sign, choose from 18 different designs.

- Bush Food Sign

- Corflute Plant ID Signs

- The signs are easily fixed onto timber stakes with the supplied white screws.

- Sign dimensions: 25 cm x 17.5 cm

- In the Melbourne metro area, signs can be supplied with stakes for an additional $2- each, but for mail-order, signs are supplied without stakes.

- Plant identification signs are currently available in a range of 18 different Bush Food plants. We are also developing plant ID signs in a range of edibles such as herbs and fruiting plants.

Please select the plant ID sign from the range below.

1. Appleberry - Billardiera scandens
2. Cinnamon myrtle - Backhousia myrtifolia
3. Coastal saltbush - Atriplex cinerea
4. Coastal wattle - Acacia sophorae
5. Flax lily - Dianella longifolia
6. Kangaroo grass - Themeda australis
7. Lemon myrtle - Backhousia citriodora
8. Lemon scented tea-tree - Leptospermum petersonii
9. Mat rush - Lomandra longifolia
10. Native bluebell - Wahlenbergia communis
11. Native mint - Mentha australis
12. Native pepper - Tasmannia lanceolata
13. Native sage - Prostanthera incisa
14. Native thyme - Prostanthera rotundifolia
15. Native violet - Viola hederacea
16. Old man saltbush - Atriplex nummularia
17. Ruby saltbush - Enchylaena tomentosa
18. Strawberry gum - Eucalyptus olida

- Download the full Bush Food signs brochure

Please advise via email which plant sign you wish to purchase.

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