Cinnamon Myrtle (Backhousia myrtifolia) plant

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Evergreen shrub to 2 m high in Victoria, up to 4 m high in Queensland. Plants have more compact growth in full sun, less so when growing in part shade. Prune twice per year to keep plants bushy, doing so when new growth is fully mature in order to best harvest the offcuts. Prefers well-drained soil and a protected position.

The profusion of cream flowers attract bees and beneficial insects in summer.

Use fresh leaves when cooking fruit such as apples. Fully mature leaves can be dried and ground to a cinnamon tasting powder with green overtones. The powder is able to be used wherever you would use cinnamon, in baking, desserts, tagines or curries.

Plants make good evergreen hedges, mature leaves from the prunings can be used as a dried Australian herb.

Plant orders are shipped via express post early in the week so the plant arrives in the best possible condition and is not left over the weekend in a transport depot. Please unpack as soon as possible and water well.

Note: due to quarantine restrictions we are unable to post plants to Tasmania, NT, SA and WA.

Also called Grey Myrtle

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