Coastal Saltbush, Atriplex cinerea

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Evergreen silver-foliaged sprawling shrub to 1.5 m high and wide. The leaves have an amazing silver metallic sheen. Prune regularly to maintain shape and keep bushy. A hardy plant, very drought tolerant. Needs well-drained soils and will not tolerate overwatering.

Add young leaves to salads. Older leaves add colour and flavour to ferments, scatter leaves as a late stage pizza topping (add near the end of cooking) to toast for a crunchy, shallow fried as a salty garnish,

Also known as: Grey saltbush, Coast saltbush

Plant orders are shipped via express post early in the week so the plant arrives in the best possible condition and is not left over the weekend in a transport depot.

Please unpack as soon as possible and water well.

Note: due to quarantine restrictions we are unable to post plants to Tasmania, NT and WA.

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