Who is Edible Eden Design?

Edible Eden Design is an enthusiastic and skilled team headed by Karen Sutherland, a designer with 25 years of experience in edible gardening. We create beautiful sustainable gardens from design through to installation, from edible landscaping to indigenous and native gardens. We can help your garden stay productive with fruit tree pruning and seasonal maintenance.

We workshop with schools and council groups to create rain gardens, frog ponds, kitchen gardens and food forests.

Karen is also available for on site consultations and designing edible gardens and community gardens. She is a passionate teacher who runs classes from her home garden as well as workshops for councils and small groups on request.

About Karen

I grew up in country Victoria, in a family of farmers and home vegetable gardener. I was always going to be a gardener; my mother dug the whole garden over the day I was born and I made my first vegetable garden at 8 years old, digging up a disused section of the back garden.

I have hardly ever eaten store bought tomato sauce in my life. Most of my relatives preserved fruit, made jams, jellies, chutneys and sauces. Surplus was shared, whether as fresh produce or jars of someone’s specialty. I was lucky to have had a country family upbringing, but many of us today have lost the art of knowing what to do with the fruits of our garden, if we even have any.

We may be uncertain how to start a vegetable garden or herb patch, or what sort of fruit trees to plant. We may think we don’t have enough space, or the right conditions. And we are all aware now more than ever of the need to reduce our impact on our fragile environment.

Karen Sutherland

Cert. Hort. (Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens) 1989

Assoc. Dip. App. Sci. (Hort) (Burnley) 1995
Permaculture Design Course 2008 (with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton)
mob. 0412 567 281


Pascoe Vale South, (Melbourne), Australia

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About Gunyah Garden

Gunyah Garden is Karen’s own garden. It contains a dazzling array of native, edible and rare plants.

Gunyah has around 200 edible and useful plants in an ornamental setting. Classes are held in a room overlooking the garden. To understand various plants we simply wander outside and see, smell and taste them.

Most classes and workshops are held here,

22 Lochinvar Street,
Pascoe Vale South,
Victoria Australia

Open Garden Scheme

Karen and her garden are an ongoing contributor to the open garden scheme. Gunyah Garden is usually open once per year, this year join us Saturday 19 to Sunday 20th March 2016 from 10am – 4.30pm, entry $8 for adults, $5 students, under 18s free.

For more information: www.opengardensvictoria.org.au