Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Policy

At Edible Eden we take indigenous cultural and intellectual property sharing seriously. We adhere to copyright legislation.

All ICIP used and presented by Karen Sutherland for Edible Eden Design on our website, social media, in classes, writing, and on our signs is either gathered by personal experience; freely available in the public domain. Some indigenous plant use information has been learned from Karen’s teacher Minmia, a Wiradjuri medicine woman, in each and every case of sharing, permission has been sought and granted by Minmia


Personal reference from Minmia
My name is Minmia, a Wiradjuri senior woman, educator, and medicine woman from NSW.
I was passed down the medicine from my ancestors through my grandmother.
Karen Sutherland has been studying with me since 2015 to learn Wiradjuri cultural practices and studying Garadgigan Yinnar (medicine women) teaching for the last seven years, deeming her a senior medicine woman.
She has every right as a woman born of this land to make and sell her plants & products, although not to sell the secrets to a commercial company or use the sacred knowledge she has been entrusted with for profit.
She can and should treat any sick people to the best of her knowledge with empowering compassion.
I hold Karen in high regard for her integrity and her willingness to assist her fellow
Garadgigan sisters and juniors. I consider her a close and trusted friend.
She has always followed my teachings and directives and has never shared any information
she has not been authorised to do so.


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