Environmental Policy

Here at Edible Eden we take environmental issues seriously. We do as much as we can to reduce our carbon footprint to create a positive future. 

Our work revolves around encouraging and teaching food gardening with organic and permaculture principles through our consulting, teaching and writing in publications such as ABC Organic Gardener and Green Magazine.


Carbon Offset: 

*We have offset our emissions for many years with Greenfleet.

*Our offices are partially solar powered and we use greenpower for mains electricity.


Waste and water management

*We use several composting practices

*We reuse greywater and harvested rainwater on our gardens and in our toilets when possible.

*Our country office has a composting toilet.

*We use efficient programmable irrigation in the micro nursery.



*With our online plant sales we use recycled packaging and biodegradable tape as a first choice. 



*We produce as much of our food as possible and share the excess with our local community.

*We have for many years participated in revegetation projects.

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