Bulk - 30 x Oaten straw, clean rectangular bales

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This is for 3 x bales of straw

My cousin grows and supplies this to me.

Oaten straw bales great to use as a mulch in the veggie garden and under fruit trees. I use it in my chicken coop and they love nesting in it as it is soft and fluffy, and it then goes to the compost heap with chicken poo in it, which is great for the compost heap. These bales are lighter and fluffier than the other straw bales.

Oaten straw production allows maximum plant use, as it is a by-product of oat growing and harvesting. Also, as oats are sensitive to chemicals, they have very minimal chemical application, unlike wheat or other cereal crops. Therefore oaten straw is the safest non-organic straw to use in the garden.

Round-up is not sprayed on this crop. The word 'clean' in the title refers to the fact that this straw has been stored undercover, also that it has minimal (although there are some) oat seeds.

Straw bale dimensions 85 x 45 x 40 cm

Pick up only from Pascoe Vale South by arrangement

Contact us to arrange orders larger than 10 bales.

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