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For many years we have been looking for a reliable and affordable in-ground composting system for our own and client's gardens. Karen saw the Compot advertised in Organic Gardener magazine and spent an afternoon with the designer and business owner Victoria Brun, talking all things compost with her. Karen decided then and there to stock Compots.

In hotter climates such as Brisbane, soldier flies devour the goodies in the Compots, however in Victoria and Tasmania use your Compots as in-ground worm farms and composting units. These are great for including in a raised vegetable bed, wonderful for renters and those who have given up heavy digging. Each Compot will fertilize an area around it of between 50 cm - 1 m diameter.

  • 1 green plastic base, with holes to allow worm access.
  • 1 green plastic lockable lid, to prevent rats entering.
  • Instruction sheet
  • Dimensions (26 x 26 x 25)cm, weight 2 kg

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