Insect hotel - bamboo or wood

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These wooden insect hotel, are filled with either bamboo or pieces of wood with holes drilled into them. Native solitary bees and other insects make their nests inside the hollow tubes.

In Gunyah garden our insect hotel has resident wasp mimicking native bees.

The individual insect hotels are hexagonal in shape and fit together to easily build the overall size bee hotel of your dreams. There is a metal hook at the rear to attach the insect hotel to a vertical surface.

Please specify whether you want wood or bamboo filling your insect hotel, in the comments section of the sales process.

Each insect hotel is for sale separately

Insect Hotel - Dimensions (15 x 17.5 x 8.5)cm Weight 620gm

PICK UP FROM COSGROVE OR AVONDALE HEIGHTS - contact us directly [email protected] to arrange pick up

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