Native sage (Prostanthera incisa)

Aromatic leaves
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Evergreen shrub reaching 1.5-4 m high and 1-3 m wide. Prefers regular watering, growing in full sun to light shade. Quick growing and short-lived, usually 7 years. Prune regularly to keep bushy and prolong life. Purple flowers are massed in spring.
  • Use fresh leaves to make mint sauce or herb butter.
  • Dried leaves pair well with red meat, eggplant dishes, quinces and rhubarb. Flowers are edible and can be used to garnish salads or savoury dishes.
  • Garden aromatherapy plant.

Read more about the William Angliss Kitchen Garden designed by Karen, Native sage is at the North end of the garden along the retaining wall.

Also called; Mint bush, Native mint bush, Cut-leaved Mint Bush, Cut leaf mint bush

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