Pigface Inland (​Carpobrotus modestus)

Groundcover with edible fruits
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Fantastic for covering hot exposed areas such as nature-strips. The bright pink purple daisy like flowers are followed by edible fruit. Evergreen succulent Australian groundcover with trailing stems to 2 m long x 30 cm high.

Drought, wind and heat tolerant, plants prefer well-drained soils and full sun. Stems are brittle so take care when weeding around them. Purple flowers in spring, developing into edible fruit in late summer.

The leaves of this edible native succulent can be eaten raw or stir-fired. Sticky sap inside leaves can be rubbed on insect bites, jellyfish stings and sunburn to soothe skin. Fruits are purple when ripe in late summer and are a delicious snack, tasting salty and sweet.

Plant orders are shipped via express post early in the week so the plant arrives in the best possible condition and is not left over the weekend in a transport depot.

Please unpack as soon as possible and water well.

Note: due to quarantine restrictions we are unable to post plants to Tasmania, NT and WA.

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