Running Postman (Kennedia prostrata)

Hardy groundcover
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The Running Postman is a hardy sprawling groundcover up to 2m wide. From late winter to summer it blossoms with red pea shaped flowers. The nectar is a good food source for native moths, butterflies and other insects. A good companion plant that improves soil fertility as it is a legume, fixing nitrogen in the soil. A good choice for hanging baskets, or tip prune to keep compact.

Cultivation notes

Reasonably hardy ground cover, frost and drought tolerant once established. Flowers best in a sunny position.
The stems can be used as a tie or twine. The flowers may be soaked in water to make a sweet drink.

Plant orders are shipped via express post early in the week so the plant arrives in the best possible condition and is not left over the weekend in a transport depot.

Please unpack as soon as possible and water well.

Note: due to quarantine restrictions we are unable to post plants to Tasmania, NT and WA.

Also called: Scarlet Coral Pea, Scarlet Runner

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