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Part 1: Foraging and planting snips for harvesting and root pruning

We use these snips for root pruning when foraging for edible weeds, planting and the long thin blades are perfect for this task. Trimming the roots of plants before planting ensures a better root system. These snips are also handy for harvesting herbs, vegetables and fruit.

The hardened steel blade resists staining and gumming.

Care instructions: Wipe blades after use, and before the handy snips are put away wipe the blade with a lightly oiled cloth.

Dimensions in packaging (27 x 9 x 2) cm

Part 2: Sharpener for garden tools

This sharpener has a very hard and durable Tungsten Carbide blade and can be used to sharpen secateurs, shears, long handled loppers and other pruning tools. Once you use this sharpener you will never go back to your sharpening stone.

Instructions: Place the sharpener against the blade at right angles to the handle. Angle the sharpener to the existing bevel on the blade. With firm pressure drag the edge along the full length of the blade, repeat several times.

On completion, unscrew the oiler pad from bottom of the sharpener and rub over the blade for protection against rusting.

  • Length of tool 12.2 cm
  • Product packaging dimensions: (18 x 7.5 x 2) cm

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