Slender mint, Wild mint (Mentha diemenica)

Herbal tea
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Cultivation notes:
Evergreen suckering groundcover herb, forms mats from 10-30 cm high, up to 2m wide. Native to all states and territories of Australia except WA.
Grows in all soil types, full sun and shade, although can develop powdery mildew in shade. Prefers moist well-drained soil. Purple, or sometimes white flowers appear late spring to mid-autumn and throughout the year.
Propagate by division, or tip cuttings in propagation mix or in water.
Use as you would common mint, in salads, fruit salads, smoothies, hot or cold drinks, cocktails, as a garnish.
In the garden, use to fill gaps between pavers, plant under taps, in pots. Great nature strip/verge plant. Can be invasive. Tolerates temporary inundation, good for rain gardens.

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