Here’s a recipe for the many fruits you’ll have if you grow Babaco plants. Most of these ingredients could be in your garden now if you’ve been a busy gardener!  The Babaco fruit combines well with the acidity of the tomato and the Asian flavours of the herbs and dressing.

Mix all these Garden Ingredients

  • Babaco – peel fruit and chop into large pieces (these are the yellow chunks in the picture)
  • Tomato – I grow large cherry tomatoes so I just quarter them
  • Cucumber – chop – I keep peel on as I grow Lebanese with sweet peel
  • Grated carrot
  • Leafy lettuce – as you can see from the photo, there’s not a lot of lettuce in this salad but a little is good, just rip it up into bite sized pieces
  • Thai Basil leaves – rip up somewhat to help release flavour
  • Purple perilla leaves – I grow the purple as it looks so good in the garden and in salads – the green leaf is a bit tastier I think, but the purple tastes good in this
  • Mint leaves – you just have to have these in summer salads! I rip them up a little to release flavour
  • Society Garlic flowers – the small purple flowers of Tulbaghia violacea. These give a nice gentle onion taste to the salad without having to chop onions and look fantastic as well as being easy to grow
  • Nasturtium flowers – I grow this yellow flowering variety, Milkmaid. As the flowers are so big I tend to rip them a little before using.

Things not from your garden

  • Sesame seed – a good sprinkle as per picture
  • Black sesame seed – a good sprinkle again
  • Asian salad dressing – I used 3 parts Macadamia oil as a base and 1 part lemon juice with some sweet chilli sauce and fish sauce to taste


I mix all ingredients except the flowers first, as they are quite fragile. I add them at the end and then toss the salad very gently to mix them through.