Red centre finger lime fruit variety developed by the CSIRO

Bush Foods & Herbs for Courtyards & Balconies

Australian native plants have flavour and aroma profiles unlike any others,and can be easily incorporated into your kitchen. As well, a wide range of them can be grown in Melbourne in pots or small and difficult spaces. In this class, which is ideal for those with limited garden space or even just a courtyard or balcony, you will explore the world of edible native Australian plants that are easy to grow in such spaces, attractive to look at and can easily add flavour and interest to your home-cooked dishes. All plants covered are suitable for Melbourne’s climate, and will be discussed in terms of how best to use and grow them in your garden.

Presented by Karen Sutherland

Karen Sutherland, of Edible Eden Design, has more than 25 years’ experience designing, planting and maintaining gardens, with a special emphasis on bushfoods, edible and sustainable gardens. She grew up gardening, amongst a family of gardeners and farmers, and continues this family tradition, enthusiastically helping others to live this choice of home produce-growing. Karen also uses current technologies that are sustainable and beneficial to the environment, always seeking to benefit the garden site and the people and creatures that rely on it. Karen is qualified in both horticulture and permaculture.

What you will learn-
Which native produce-plants are suitable for growing in pots and small spaces
What to harvest and when
How to use bush foods and herbs to flavour your dishes

What you will get –
Detailed course notes
A discount voucher to use at BAAG
A cuppa (or two) and some biscuits

What to bring – A notepad and a pen

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