Native Edibles; Walk, Talk, Taste 2020

Native Edibles; Walk, Talk, Taste

There are many edible native plants that are easy to grow in urban gardens and pots. Karen’s own garden Gunyah grows over 40 native edible plants and is a great place to see how they grow.
Learn how to bring these amazing plants into your kitchen to enjoy their unique aroma and flavour profiles.

We look at how to grow lemon myrtle and her lesser know cousin cinnamon myrtle. Native pepper as well as a range of salt bushes can be grown in suburban gardens if you know what to do. Take this opportunity to taste test a range of salt bushes, to find your favourite. We discuss a variety of native fruiting plants, such as the midyim berries in the picture.

Karen Sutherland, of Edible Eden Design, has more than 25 years’ experience designing, planting and maintaining gardens, with a special emphasis on bushfoods, edible and sustainable gardens. She grew up gardening, amongst a family of gardeners and farmers, and continues this family tradition, enthusiastically helping others to live this choice of home produce-growing. Karen also uses current technologies that are sustainable and beneficial to the environment, always seeking to benefit the garden site and the people and creatures that rely on it. Karen is qualified in both horticulture and permaculture.

What you will learn
Which native edible plants are suitable for a suburban garden, in pots or in the ground and how to harvest & use them to enjoy their unique flavour and aroma profiles

What you will get
Detailed course notes, packet of Gunyah seeds, food tastings

What to wear
Sun smart clothes and outdoor shoes


  1. Sonyia

    Will u b doing any more edibles walks over the year