While setting up a web shop for the Tomato book, we realised that we could make some of our favourite products also available to you.  Some of these are tools we use in our own gardens, such as the secateur sharpener and handy snips. In the past we have sold them at Open Gardens, events, talks and classes. Now you can purchase these and more online in our new web store! 

Citrus Gall Wasp and Insect Trap

After many years of battling with citrus gall wasp at Gunyah garden, we have come up with a method of control that is so good we have to share it! An essential part of this method is the use of yellow sticky papers to catch emerging gall wasps before they can do more damage. After one bad experience with a bird we realised that the sticky paper is best contained within bird wire, to prevent birds becoming stuck. Web shop

Insect Hotel – Bamboo or Wood


These wooden insect hotel, are filled with either bamboo or pieces of wood with holes drilled into them. Native solitary bees and other insects make their nests inside the hollow tubes.

Buy now $15- Pick up only

Vertical Wall Garden Planter


Great for lettuce, coriander etc.

Green plastic wall planter, with black plastic insert, comes with 2 ties to attach the planter to the wall.

Buy now $15- each Pick up only

Sharpener for Secateurs and Hand Tools

This sharpener has a very hard and durable Tunsten Carbide blade and can be used to sharpen secateurs, shears, long handled loppers and other pruning tools. Once you use this sharpener you will never go back to your sharpening stone.

Buy now $15

Handy snips for root pruning, herb, fruit and vegetable harvesting

Handy Snips for Root Pruning and Herb Harvesting

We use these snips for root pruning when planting and the long thin blades are perfect for this task. Trimming the roots of plants before planting ensures a better root system. These snips are also handy for harvesting herbs, vegetables and fruit. Buy now $15-